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Monday, 21 October 2013

We really love this Neighborhood Newsletter for Carmel Valley by the Dalzell Group Real Estate!

Our Designer: Michael French & Printed by The Printers Circle


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Wednesday, 09 October 2013

Marketing isn’t as easy as just getting the news or excitement out into the public’s hands. A marketer needs to know how to speak the language of the vendors used. For instance, understanding what “print ready” means to a printer and graphic designer makes a WORLD of difference when you are on a deadline. Keep in mind these variables may change occasionally for a special circumstance but in general these are a few good rules to follow.

  • Convert all RGB images into CMYK color.
  • File is in proper format (PSD, EPS, AI, High-Resolution JPG, PDF, TIF).
  • Check if final image has enough resolution (300 dpi minimum at 100% size including bleeds).
  • Contains only high-resolution image data
  • ALL text has been converted to outlines
  • Check if all text pages have enough bleed (1/8″).
  • Included are trim/crop marks, center marks, and page info.
  • Includes paper size with indications for bleeds and page marking
  • Does not require any additional modifications or tweaks before being sent to the printer

Use these points as a checklist for each printed piece and you will avert potential delays. Good luck!

Print Ready Sample