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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Infographics are a fantastic way to visually portray information. Do you have a product/service/program that is in need of a little explanation? Do you get the same question about your goods over and over? If so, it’s time to re-think the way you inform your customers about all you have to offer.

Here are a few quick things to remember when designing your new piece.


This is the first step to designing an infographic. Trust me! Put it all down on paper. As you think about the following, the wheels start churning and you may very well come up with some genius ideas! The moment you answer a call, refill your coffee cup or get up and walk away for a few minutes all that momentum could be lost along with the genius that overcame you moments before.

Ask yourself these QUESTIONS

What is Your Goal? – Are you trying to to gain visibility of your branding? Are you trying to sign up more subscribers or clients?

Identify Your People? – Who are you talking too? Who are they? What are they interested in?

Determine Your Focus! – You can’t go about this all scattered! You MUST know what message you need to hone in on.

Know Your Numbers! – Do your research, please. Make sure you are using numbers that you can back up. Don’t fudge. Be real.

CITE Your Sources – This is a must do. People HAVE TO KNOW you are getting your numbers from credible resources.

How Will You Spread The Picture? – Infographics are meant to be shared. Make sure you submit to all the relevant social medias and boards that will get this important info OUT to the world.

(Our friends over at Caelum have a FREE Infographic Worksheet for you if you would like it! VISIT them here for a freebie download)


Remember these items! They make things memorable!

  1. Super Simple. Super Short.
  2. LOTS OF COLORS!!!! PLENTY! More colors makes it memorable. (It’s scientific. – Seriously! LOOK at the Data of this study here.)
  3. Don’t even THINK about using a bar graph. BORING!!!!
  4. At least 5. No more than 10! CONTENT BLOCKS that is.
  5. Make the most impressive killer header you can come up with! This is what gets people to stay for 3 minutes.
  6. Your brain like ROUND! So include lots of CURVES.
  7. Let loose your clutter monster! People may not like clutter on their desk but they do in their infographics. Makes things memorable and that is the goal!

Have fun with it!

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Monday, 21 October 2013

We really love this Neighborhood Newsletter for Carmel Valley by the Dalzell Group Real Estate!

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