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Monday, 23 December 2013
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As we cap 2013, we reflect on what we did during the year. This is the perfect time to tweak our strategies to suit our 2014 business goals.

To do this we ask:

  • Did we reach our goals in 2013?
  • How did we do things differently in 2013 than in 2012?
  • What were the strategies we implemented?
  • Were they successful?
  • Could we have done some things better?

Often we think of resolutions at this time but not everything is in need of improvement. It’s hard to remember that we need to have consistency in our tasks so that we can build longevity for our business. That means only improving the deficient.

Your Brand in 2014

Your brand is important. Recognition is key for your customers. People like to use brands that are familiar. Do you have champions of your brand? Use them! The BEST brand champions are the ones who love to share. Get these customers talking about you and make sure you give them consistent, great service. This will give you a solid base to work from.

Consider Redefining Your Brand

It’s alright to consider redefining your brand. You aren’t betraying your original concept. You are simply revisiting the overall perception from your customer’s point of view. this is an exercise that will bolster your productivity and possibly open your eyes to some thing that you never realized about your business. Clarity is a beautiful thing. Here are 6 Steps to Redefining Your Brand in 2014 by Fast Company.

What Makes a Brand Memorable?

Ever wonder why some brands visually stick and others elude you completely? An incredible amount of forethought and effort goes into creating a lasting symbol that equates to a brand’s promise. All defining messages related to a brand must have a strain of consistency in the personality of the brand. See how Mercedes-Benz has created a symbol that resonates quality, elitism, refinement and luxury.


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Wednesday, 09 October 2013

Marketing isn’t as easy as just getting the news or excitement out into the public’s hands. A marketer needs to know how to speak the language of the vendors used. For instance, understanding what “print ready” means to a printer and graphic designer makes a WORLD of difference when you are on a deadline. Keep in mind these variables may change occasionally for a special circumstance but in general these are a few good rules to follow.

  • Convert all RGB images into CMYK color.
  • File is in proper format (PSD, EPS, AI, High-Resolution JPG, PDF, TIF).
  • Check if final image has enough resolution (300 dpi minimum at 100% size including bleeds).
  • Contains only high-resolution image data
  • ALL text has been converted to outlines
  • Check if all text pages have enough bleed (1/8″).
  • Included are trim/crop marks, center marks, and page info.
  • Includes paper size with indications for bleeds and page marking
  • Does not require any additional modifications or tweaks before being sent to the printer

Use these points as a checklist for each printed piece and you will avert potential delays. Good luck!

Print Ready Sample